10 November 2015 — Announcement

Graham Fagen Publication

Alongside Graham Fagen’s exhibition Hospitalfield and Scotland + Venice have published a book with extensive photographs chosen by Fagen to represent his past projects and to document the new body of work made for Venice.

The publication also features new texts by Katrina Brown and Penelope Curtis; an interview between Graham Fagen and Louise Welsh; and an introduction by Lucy Byatt, Director of Hospitalfield.

The book has been designed by Richy Lamb.

Excerpts from the introduction:

The title of Curtis’s essay, Palazzo Fontana / Fountain Palace: Hospitalfield / Campo Ospedale, reminds us immediately of how important site is for Fagen and how many of his works draw from, or are formed by their situation… Formers and Forms, Casts and Casting, the title of the essay authored by Katrina Brown references a very early yet influential work, Former and Form (1993).

… In their conversation Welsh compares her working process, ‘Writers are often thinking about what to leave out, in order to enable the reader to invest imaginatively in the experience. Are you doing something similar…?’ She is specifically referring to Fagen’s use of theatre scripts but it is an important question to ask more generally. Fagen replies ‘The artwork is neither the form nor the text … the artwork gets made in the mind of the person who has viewed and read the form and the text’.

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