1 December 2015 — Announcement

Graham Fagen’s exhibition comes to a close

Graham Fagan, Installation view Commissioned and curated by Hospitalfield for Scotland + Venice 2015 Photograph by Ruth Clark

Graham Fagen’s exhibition at Palazzo Fontana closed on 22 November 2015, timed to conclude on the same day as the 56th International Art Exhibition, the Venice Biennale.

Through the seasons, Fagen’s exhibition has drawn in art specialists, students, tourists and curious neighbours as audience members. Each day a consistent flow of visitors has spent time with his work and many groups have been given exhibition tours by the Learning Team.

The total number of visitors was 33,458 people and looking back across the show run we can see that September and October were the busiest months with high numbers continuing into November as people rushed to see the exhibition before it closed.

Some visitor’s comments from the Palazzo Fontana guest book:

Incredible. The music, visuals, ambience from the canal and incredible mix/arrangement/audio spec made it all encompassing experience like nothing else. Effort involved is staggering, Gear and mix concept is like nothing else. Never been so moved by an exhibition. amazing!

Molto bello e interessante – Slave’s Lament in particolare!

Very thought provoking and a beautiful location.

Such a deeply moving exhibition, one of my absolute favourite exhibitions so far at the Biennale.