What if…?/ Scotland — Places


Ria, Citizen

I wish… there was a space  for young people to connect in nature.

Nicholas, 7N Architects

What if… a series of ‘loose-fit’ landscape spaces connected the town and created a gathering point for the community?

Ria identified that Whitfield did not have a dedicated space for young people and needed ‘loose fit’ spaces where different ages within the community could gather together. After a year in lockdown, the value of the currently under-utilised open landscape spaces within the neighbourhood was very apparent. We also discussed the history of the neighbourhood and how opportunities for connections and shared memories between differing generations were often limited.

The idea in response to Ria’s wish proposed a new series of linked landscape spaces, connecting the existing and new housing developments, that would provide gathering points for the community and encourage shared activities.

The ‘tiles’ of the new landscape spaces would link together to form a series of connected spaces and places which can create an opportunity for Whitfield’s residents to own and celebrate their past, present and future.

Barry, Citizen

I wish… that we could build a maze in the spare fields beside the park.

Craig, 7N Architects

What if… the redundant spaces in Whitfield could become a place of imagination to allow children to safely engage with nature and the outdoors?

During our walk around the area, Barry talked about the spaces there were for young people. The park was ‘catalogue ordered’ and offered little in terms of imaginative play. Demolition of the former housing estate has left a series of fenced-off areas which have developed over time into rich, natural landscapes.

Based on the themes of Barry’s computer games, we proposed a network of activity spaces and artworks in the form of a ‘maze’ which would stimulate the imaginations of the local children. This would make these abandoned spaces accessible to the community once more and encourage children to move away from their computer games and explore the outdoors.

Smith Family, Citizens

I wish… for a haven where our family can connect with nature.

Alex, 7N Architects

What if… a pram friendly green trail was mapped through the area linking disused landscape to the community?

Walking has been a therapeutic journey for the Smith family during lockdown. However, with a baby in a pram their ability to access and enjoy the abundance of wild green spaces throughout the area, following the demolition of the Skarne housing estate, has been limited.

The wish that stood out from a number for the neighbourhood was the wish for a newborn child to have access to the nature and the elements. In response to this wish, a pram friendly green trail was mapped through the area weaving the disused landscapes together to create spaces for growing, eating, swimming and habitat making, with a few shops in-between.

Keevah, Citizen

I wish… there could be a place to film tik toks or an outside cinema.

Laura, 7N Architects

What If… there was a space for people of all ages to gather which could become the heart of Whitfield?

During our walk, Keevah showed us the places where she would play with her friends. The spaces they enjoyed the most were the ones where local people have been able to contribute to making sheltered spaces connected to nature.

Keevah had lots of great ideas about the different things which would make a positive impact on her local area. One of these was to create a space with a big display screen where people could film their tik toks or watch movies outdoors. We developed this idea to create a covered space which would be surrounded by greenery and could be used for a wide range of activities.

Tammy, Citizen

I wish… we could link Whitfield back together.

Ava, Citizen

I wish… there was a space with a strong identity for Whitfield.

Ben, 7N Architects

What if… there was a trail that linked existing community hubs and opened up unused green space?

Tammy and her daughter Ava have always lived in Whitfield. As we walked around the neighbourhood Tammy told the stories behind the green spaces which were once occupied by the now demolished schools and community centres. There is lots of space and numerous buildings, but it all feels disconnected and not much of it has a purpose. Balumbie Park is very popular but there isn’t room for different groups to have their own space on busy days. There isn’t much for young people to do.

What if there was a trail for walking, cycling and scooting that linked the Crescent to the 101 and all the other community hubs in between?  It could open up green spaces around the park with a route through the trees. There could be seating and shelters along the way for hanging out and interactive information screens to spread the word about everything that is going on in Whitfield.